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Roundup of reports on honour-based violence and violent incidents involving women in Kurdistan Region, December 2007 -January 2008
26/05/2008   KWRW
Compiled and translated by Nazaneen Rashid (KWRW)
Edited by Dr Katharine Hodgkin (KWRW)

The following is a record of local media reports of incidents of violence against women in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, February 2008. It includes honour murder, suspected murders as well as suicide involving self-immolation.

KWRW has not been able to check the accuracy of these reports. They are taken from the following sources:

Print newspapers and journals

* Hawlati: Independent twice-weekly newspaper published in Sulaymaniyah.
* Hawal: Independent weekly newspaper reportedly affiliated to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), published in Kirkuk.
* Jamawar: Independent weekly newspapers published in Arbil.
* Aso: Daily newspaper reportedly sponsored by Iraqi Deputy PM Barham Salih, published in Baghdad.
* Awene: Independent weekly newspaper published in Sulaymaniyah.
* Kurdistani Nuwe: Daily newspaper published by PUK in Sulaymaniyah.
* Rewan, Twice-monthly journal published by Womenís Cultural and Information Centre, Sulaymaniyah.
* Jiyanawa, Kurdistan Womenís Union monthly journal, Sulaymaniyah.
* Kurdistan Report: Daily political and social newspaper sponsed by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)

Electronic media

* Kurdistan Online
* Peyamner : Pro-KDP
* PUK Media: PUK-sponserd website
* Sbeiy: Sponsored by Wisha Company, owned by former PUK Deputy Leader Nawshirwan Mustafa

I. Reports of murders or suspected murders

Kurdistan Online, December 17 2007: The body of Amina Karim Ahmad, a 31-year-old woman from Choman, was found in Diuziyan Road, Soran. A source close to the incident told Kurdistan Online that she went missing after taking some money and gold from her home and going to her sisterís home. She then left her sisterís home without telling her, and her body was found thrown onto the street 68 days later. The body was taken to the hospital, and police are investigating the case. So far there have been no arrests.

Peyamner, December 31 2007: The body of an unknown woman was discovered in Guwer county, Makhmur city, following information received by the police. A police source from the county told Peyamner News Agency that the woman has no ID with her, and they have been unable to identify her. The police estimate her age as 20-23 years old. The same source estimated that she had been dead for 1-3 days, as parts of her body had been eaten by animals. Preliminary examination found three bullet wounds in the body. The body has been sent to Forensic Medicine centre at Hawler Rezgari Hospital for further investigation, and the police investigation into her death is continuing.

Rewan, January 16 2008: In December 2007, Shadia Abas went with her three children and her husband to visit her family in Kirkuk. On December 22, her husband called Rewan to say that Shadia had been killed by her brother in her fatherís house. Shadia suffered serious injuries and died at hospital four hours later.

Jiyanawa, January 16 2008: In Gulqamish, a village of Aghjalar county, the burned body of a woman has been found in a cave. She has bullet marks on her body. According to police sources, it appears that the body was burned so that the woman could not be identified. The body was taken to Shahid Peshraw Hospital and from there to the Forensic Medicine centre in Sulaimaniya for post-mortem examination.

Kurdistan Report, January 17 2008: In Sangasar county, Sazgar Hassan Abdulla, a 22-year-old woman, disappeared on 12 January 2008. Her husband, identified only by his initials, claims that he knows nothing of the reasons for her disappearance. Police sources told Kurdistan Report that Sazgarís family lodged a complaint against the husband, suspecting that he may have killed her. The husband has been arrested, and investigation into the case is continuing.

Jiyanawa, January 17 2008: On December 22 in Imam Ahmad district, Tuzkhurmatu town, a woman was killed at home by gunmen. When she opened the door of her home she was sprayed her with bullets from a Kalashnikov machine gun. The criminals escaped by car. According to a medical source, the woman was taken to the Hospital of the Republic in Kirkuk in a critical condition, and underwent emergency surgery including blood transfusion, but died as a result of her injuries.

Awene, January 20 2008: In Barda Soor district, Kalar city, a group of men attacked a family, killing Maysoon Baram and her 13-year-old daughter Shilan Muhammad Amin. Muhammad Amin, Maysoonís husband, stated that he was not at home at the time of the murders. According to a Kalar police source, the motive for the murders is unknown, and investigations into the case are continuing. Police information indicates that both were killed by guns fitted with silencers.

Peyamner, January 22 2008: The body of a woman was discovered in Perdye under the bridge on its river. She had two bullet wounds in her body. Police have not been able to identify the woman. The body has been sent to Kirkuk hospital for further investigation.

Awene, January 22 2008: A man killed his sister and her lover in Kodady village in the Abdal area of Shikhan city on January 18, Awene has been informed. The girlís brother shot and killed his sister in the middle of the village. Afterwards he went to the boyís home and killed him in front of his family. The killerís family have left the village, which is mixed Kurds and Arabs, to avoid tension. Security forces have surrounded the village.

Aso, January 23 2008: On 21/22 of January the body of a woman was discovered by a shepherd, and the police were informed. The body was found in Cheman between Kirkuk and Sulaimaniya. The womanís age was estimated at between 20 and 30 years old. She had two bullet wounds in her forehead.

Peyamner, January 28 2008: Police were informed by local people of the discovery of the body of an unknown woman about 10 kilometres from the road between Dubz and Sargaran. Police in Sargaran county told Peyamner news agency that the woman had no ID on her, and has not been identified. Her age is estimated at around 30-35 years old. The preliminary examination found two bullet wounds in her body. The body has been transferred to Kirkuk Hospital, and the investigation is continuing.

Peyamner, January 29 2008: In Koya city a 22-year-old man identified only by his initials (T. S.) shot and injured his 19-year-old sister, wounding her twice. She was taken to Koya hospital. She told police that she had refused her brotherís demand that she should marry a man from a particular family so that he in turn could marry a girl from the same family. (Such exchanges of girls between two families are not uncommon.)

II. Reports of women burned, committing suicide, and similar incidents

Kurdistan Online, December 9 2007: In New Bahar district, Hawler, a 20-year-old girl identified by her initials (Sh. Sh. F) died of her burns following a kerosene cooker explosion.

Kurdistan Online, December 23 2007: Bezhan Muhammad Waso Zangal, a 29-year-old pregnant woman, died on the second day of the Qurban Festival, having mistakenly used petrol instead of kerosene. She suffered 100% burns, and died at the scene. Sources from the womanís family told Kurdistan Online that there were no problems in the family, and that her death was an accident resulting from the use of petrol; her husband suffered burns to his hands when he tried to extinguish the fire.

Peyamner, January 2 2008: In Bashiryani village, Khabat town, an 11-year-old girl, Narmen Noor-Aldeen, was shot in the stomach while playing with a Kalashnikov machine gun at home. The girl was taken to hospital, and according to medical reports her condition is serious. Police have opened an investigation into the incident.

Peyamner, January 5 2008: In Soran town, Hawler city, a 16-year-old girl identified only by her initials (Sh. R. ) shot herself with a Kalashnikov machine gun in unknown in unknown circumstances, and died. According to the statement made by the girlís family, the reason for her suicide is not known. There is suspicion that the girl may have killed herself because of social problems with her family. Her body was sent for post-mortem examination at Rezgari Hospital to establish the cause of the death. The investigation is continuing.

Peyamner, January 6 2008: In Rahim-Awa, a district of Kirkuk city, 31-year-old Kamila Kamal-aldeen set herself alight as a result of frustration over a family dispute. She suffered 75% burns. She was transferred to Hawler emergency Hospital, and has made a complaint against her husband.

Kurdistan Report, January 17 2008: On 11th January in Betwata county, Raniya city, a 14-year-old girl, Kurdistan Muhammad Maulude, suffered severe burns when a kerosene heater blew up in the bathroom. Police sources told Kurdistan Report that she and her family say the burning was accidental, the result of the explosion, and there is no other reason for it. The girl suffered 90% burns, and her condition is critical.

Peyamner, January 27 2008: In Guwer county a 17-year-old student, Zhila Majeed, was admitted to Hawler emergency hospital after suffering severe burns. In her statement to the police she did not accuse anybody; she told police that she filled the heater with kerosene while the heater was on, and the heater blew up. According to medical reports she has suffered 80% burns, and her condition is critical. A dossier has been opened for investigation into the case.

Peyamner, January 28 2008: In Badawa district, Hawler, Hero Muhammad, a 25-year-old woman, set herself on fire out of anger against her mother-in-law. She told police that her mother-in-law treated her badly. Her husband listened to his mother, and as a result of her gossip, she said, ĎMy husband was beating me every dayí. According to the doctorís report she has 40% burns. Hero Muhammad has lodged a complaint against her mother in law.

Peyamner, January 30 2008: In Mamzawa district, Hawler city, Wrya, a 28-year-old man, shot and injured his mother Kafiya while he was handling a Kalashnikov machine gun. She has been taken to Hawler emergency hospital.

Peyamner, January 31 2008: In Khalifan town, Hawler city, 17-year-old Pakistan Muhammad was burned in a blast incident. The family told police that while she was filling up the kerosene stove with kerosene, the stove suddenly blew up and she caught fire. She suffered 38% burns, and her condition is poor.

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